Robertino Giovanelli was born in Senigallia a small city near Bologna, Italy in 1964. His love and passion for food developed while playing in his mother's kitchen. He grew up surround by the smells of fresh ingredients and the Adriatic Sea. Cooking for him was the connection between nature, love, food and family.

At the tender age of 13, Robertino began his culinary studies in the cities of Ancona, Italy at the Istituto Professionale Di Cucina Alfredo Panzini where he graduated in 1983. After finishing school, Robertino spent the next 4 years working as a Chef in some of Italy's finest Kitchens and restaurants, where he continue cooking and developing his own culinary style.


In 1987 Robertino moved to Los Angeles, California hired by the renowned restaurant"II Giardino Ristorante" in Beverly Hills. He worked as their Executive Chef for 3 years, drawing inspiration from his Italian heritage when crafting the menus. He came up with hearty, authentic dishes that later became part of his own signature style. 

He also acquired vast experience by participating in movie openings, Oscar parties, caterings and special private and corporate events. He always enjoyed the creative culinary process and catered with equal dedication and passion to 2 people in intimate settings or to 700 guests in world-class, international events. 1991 was an important turning point for Robertino, the year in which he opened his much loved restaurant "La Luna Ristorante" in Larchmont Village. La Luna was reminiscent of a beautiful Northern Italian Villa where food was made with the freshest ingredients. The ambiance was beautiful and heart warming, and the importance of personal attention to the clients was always emphasized. 

Even though Robertino considers Los Angeles his home, he returns to Italy every year to connect with his roots and the gastromic industry's evolution. He loves to reunite with old teachers and collegues and is always egaer to share his spirits and philosophy while discovering new places, original aromas and unique tastes. He incorporates all these into delicious innovative dishes.

Nowadays, Robertino lives in Sliver Lake with his beautiful family and continues to cook with the same philosophy that holds his 4 favorite things: family love, nature, and food close to his heart. To cook he uses his own herbs, fruits, and vegetables which he grows with profound cafe and dedication. The creativity, energy and personal attention to detail apparent in each of Robertino's endeavor are only surpassed by his generosity and his sense of community.  


25 years of Professional experience as Executive Chef in restaurants and leading hotels.

Proficient in menu development, food-cost analysis, budgeting, inventory control and purchasing. 

Superior leadership, coaching, team building and management skills.

Expertise in special event planning: caterings, movie-red carpet openings, Oscar parties.

Culinary innovator known for producing superior quality products with fresh and health ingredients.


1978-1981 Istituto Professionale Di Cucina Alfredo Panzini, Italy

Chef Cooking School  

1981-1983 Istituto Professionale Di Cucina Alfredo Panzini, Italy 

Hotel Management 


1979 Hotel Sporting Riccione, Italy 

Worked during summer while attending Cooking School.

1980 Hotel Abners, Cook Riccione, Italy

Worked during summer while attending Cooking School.

1981-1982 Paradiso Incontri Restaurant, Sous Chef Italy

Worked during summer while attending Cooking School. 

1983-1984 Ristorante La Madonnina Del Pescatore, Chef Italy

(Fine Restaurant with Fish Specialization)

Successfully handled food preparation. Maintained food-cost analysis, inventory, budgeting and purchasing. 

1985-1986 Ristorante Premium Pub, Executive Chef Bologna Italy

(Sophisticated Italian Cuisine)

In charge of all aspects of kitchen operations. Created new recipes and updated menu to reflect consistency in quality and service. 

1987-1989 Ristorante Il Giardino, Executive Chef Beverly Hills 

(Fine Italian Cuisine)

Responsible for all kitchen operations. Consistently met or remained under budget on all controllable expenses. Improved productivity, customer service and staff longevity. Delivered quality consistency.

1990 Rosti Deli, Chef-Consultant Brentwood 

Collaborated with the opening of the deli/restaurant. Advise on front of house/kitchen design and equipment specification. Developed service standards and implemented food safety and food quality audit systems.

1990 Oli Ola Ristorante, Chef-Consultant Pacific Palisades (Tuscan Cuisine)

Facilitated the organization and opening of the restaurant. Built a mutually respectful work environment between front and back of the house operations.

1991-2007 La Luna Ristorante, Larchmont village (Northern Italian Cuisine) Chef-Owner 

Overall all kitchen operations including quality, execution and financial responsibility. Supervised 23-member team and managed recruiting, training, schedule, purchasing, inventory, sanitization, structuring and food/labor costs. 

2007-2020 La Luna On The Go, a catering company for all kind of services and events. Also serving food to Schools k-12 at Larchmont charter school and Citizen of the World as a NLFP approved. Preparing prepackaged fresh of frozen food for stores and markets.