'La Luna On The Go' Family Dinner Packages


 (1)  Choice between a Soup or Salad and a Pasta

  Package for two   $35

  Package for four  $65

(2)  Choice between a Soup or Salad a Main Dish and a       


Package for two    $50

Package for four   $85





*Mix garden greens– mix greens cucumber tomato carrots italian vinagrette (vegan)

* Cesar salad– romain lettuce parmesan cheese croutons and cesar dressing   

*Beets salad– assorted steamed beets on a bed a mix baby greens topped with crumbled goat cheese dry cranberries and caramelized pecan and honey mustard dressing  

*Caprese  – fresh mozzarella  cheese w/fresh sliced tomato basil and olive oil

*Carciofi-Mix greens, Artichoke, heart of palm, roasted tomato and and italian vinagrette   (vegan)



 *Minestrone soup– with cubes of carrots, celery, onion, zucchini, cabbage, leek, asparagus, butternut squash, and green beans (vegan)

* Pasta e fagioli– cannellini beans soup with small pasta tube ( vegan)

* Farro & borlotti bean– spelt and borlotti bean soup (vegan ) 



 * Penne fume– Pink sauce w/ somoked bacon

* Fetuccine ragu– Spinach and regular home made pasta w/ beef ragu sauce

*Rigatoni pomodoro–home made pasta w/ tomato basil sauce (vegan)

* Penne arrabbiata– On a spicy tomato sauce (vegan)

* Farfalle salsiccia– chicken sausage peas fresh tomato and a touch of cream

* Strozzapreti primavera– home made pasta w/ julienne of carrots yellow and green zucchini leek sugar peas asparagus peas and fresh tomato (vegan)



* Pollo piccata– thinly slices chicken breast on a lemon and capper sauce w/garic and olive

* Polletto– half boneless chicken marinated on a special mustard rosemary garlic with an asian touch baked

* Turkey meat ball- in a spicy tomato sauce

 * Eggplant parmigiana– baked with mozzarella and parmesan cheese ( vegan option)

* Pollo alle Erbe– chicken breast sauteed with fresh hers

* Salmone-Salmon filet with  lemon and grain musard and hers sauce

* Grilled polentawith mix mushroom and fresh tomato (vegan)

*Garbanzo bowl with asparagus fresh spinach pesto dressing and thin slised red radish (vegan)

*Vegan meatballs – Black beans meatballs in a tomato sauce



 *Roasted mix potato – assorted potato baked w/olive oil  garlic and rosemary (vegan)

*Spinach– sauteed w/garlic and olive oil (vegan)

*Brussel sprouts  – braised with caramelized shallot (vegan)

* kale – skilled with lemon olive oil dried cranberries and quinoa (vegan)

* Broccoli– steamed with olive oil and sea salt (vegan)

* Mashed potato




# Orders need to be made 24 hours in advance